A Warm Day in November

Warm days in the month of November rarely happen. When we had one recently I decided to take full advantage of it! I wrangled up my 4 kids and had some fall fun at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. My sister’s two kids were there also and they all tired themselves out. My dad had the dirt bikes and 4 wheelers out for the kids to ride around on. I think it was a much needed escape for me but most importantly the kids. Remote learning, missing friends and family and continued stress due to the on going pandemic takes its toll of all of us.

 Long gone are the days of Saturday morning cartoons with a huge bowl of cereal. The internet went from something only used at school to something in everyone’s pocket. Sometimes my kids ask about topics I’d expect to hear from an adult. Like the 2020 election, or how do vaccines work and should everyone get one. This maddens me. I will continue to do my best to make sure my kids do  the only thing they need to do right now. BE KIDS. I want them to stay dirty faced, funny, creative, adventurous kids for as long as they can.