About me

It’s Mike Mondello!

Connecting with people and using engaging images to help tell their story is the driving force behind my work.

I am a dreamer. I am a husband, father and friend. I use photography to help bring other people’s dreams to life. I’ve spent many hours perfecting my craft and developing a style that not only envokes emotion but also engages the viewer. Photography is my passion and it’s what I believe I was meant to do. watching people react when they see the work we create together is truly an amazing experiance and something I strive for with every client I work with. I am a fun, down to earth guy but also maintain professionalism with all of my clients. I do work to create relationships with all of my clients on a friendly level though, because I believe that helps to capture their true selves and showcase the amazing people they are.


What I Do

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I’ve worked with models who are comfortable in front of a camera and people who have never had their portraits taken before. I strive to bring the same relaxed and creative environment to anyone I work with.

Commercial/Branding Photography

From product photos to headshots and everything in between. Keeping your brand relevant on social media and in the back of everyones minds is key. Let me help you do that!

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